Am I entitled to extra time if English is not my first language?

25% extra time is allocated if you are taking the examination in a language that is not your first language (or primary business language) – please check the specific details for the exam you wish to take. You are also entitled to bring your own paper dictionary into the exam.

Are there pre-requisites to taking an exam?

For some exams there are – please refer to the syllabus. If you do not have the necessary pre-requisites you may not be certified even if you do pass the exam.

Can I take the exam without attending a training course?

For some certifications you can take exams directly at a Pearson Vue test centre or where applicable, as a FLEX exam (remote proctored). For exam booking options please go to certifications. We would recommend that you consider attending an accredited training course – for certain certifications, such as iSQI Certified Agile Tester, course attendance is mandatory.

Does iSQI also offer training courses?

No, iSQI is not a training course provider. iSQI are a vendor neutral certification body fully certified against ISO/IEC 17024:2012 (General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons). We provide globally recognised examinations that verify an IT professional’s skills and knowledge. By remaining independent from training the integrity and validity of our examinations can be trusted by individuals and employers. We do, however, work with over 150 training providers who independently deliver training courses that prepare students for our certification examinations. For more information contact training@isqi.org.

How do I book a re-take of an exam?

If you took your exam initially with a Training Provider please contact them in the first instance. If you wish to rebook via Pearson go to http://www.pearsonvue.com/isqi/. For a FLEX exam (remote proctored exam, where applicable), please contact certification@isqi.org.

How do I book an exam?

If you are taking your exam with a Training Provider please contact them as they will usually take care of this. For an exam with Pearson please go to http://www.pearsonvue.com/isqi/. For any questions contact certification@isqi.org.

How do I find a Training Provider?

Training courses can be found on our homepage. Follow the link and search for your training course here: Find your training.

How do I request extra time or other adjustments due to a disability or a medical condition?

iSQI will make reasonable adjustments in accordance with our reasonable adjustment policy. Please contact us orga-int@isqi.org.

How do iSQI develop certification curriculum?

iSQI works with global leaders in certification curriculum including ISTQB®, IREB®, ISPMA®, UXQB®, ISSECO®. We also bring together leading subject matter experts to form special interest groups (SIGs) including:

  • iSQI® Agile Teaming (Agile)
  • CMAP - Certified Mobile App Professional (Mobile)
  • Software Security
  • iSQI® Model-Based Testing (MBT)
  • ASQF® Project Management
  • Test Data Management

The institute is open to new suggestions and concepts for developing certification curriculum – it is essential that our portfolio remains relevant and meets the skills needs of individuals and employers. Please contact us a marketing@isqi.org.

How does iSQI work with the ISTQB®?

iSQI is a global Exam Provider for the ISTQB® certification scheme; we are the partner of choice for a significant number of ISTQB® Member Boards and are active in many of the ISTQB® Working Groups. We are the preferred Exam Provider for training providers and major enterprise organisations around the world. The ISTQB® examinations available from iSQI at over 5,200 international Pearson Test Centres is selected by hundreds of candidates each month – iSQI is recognised by employers and employees as a leading Exam provider for the ISTQB® scheme.

How long has iSQI been delivering certification and where are their offices?

iSQI celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014.

  • 2004 – iSQI created as a 100% subsidiary of the ASQF e.V. in Erlangen (Germany)
  • 2007 – iSQI moves to Potsdam, Germany
  • 2012 – iSQI ends the year with more than 13,000 certifications worldwide in over 80 countries in 6 continents in 9 languages (50,000 certifications in total since 2004)
  • 2013 – iSQI opens branch office in Amstelveen (NL)
  • 2013 – iSQI B.V. was founded
  • 2013 – iSQI sets a new record certifying 14,000 individuals in over 90 countries in 6 continents in 10 languages (65,000 certifications in total since 2004)
  • 2014 – iSQI opens a branch office in London (UK)
  • 2014 – iSQI, Inc. opens in Boston (USA)
  • 2015 – iSQI, Ltd. (UK) is officially established

How long will my result take?

If you have taken your exam via Training Provider your result will be issued  within 7 days (if an on line exam an immediate preliminary result will be given).

I have lost my certificate, how do I order a replacement?

Please contact orga-int@isqi.org. A fee will be applicable.

What are the exam fees?

If you are taking your exam with a Training Provider please refer to them. Fees for exams at a  Pearson Vue test centre are available on the Pearson Vue website: http://www.pearsonvue.com/isqi/. For FLEX exam (remote proctored exam, where applicable) or If you wish to purchase exam vouchers in bulk contact us for costs.

Why do people get certified?

  • Standardisation – helps your qualifications become measurable
  • Being up to date – helps you and your company be more prepared for current challenges
  • Career – helps set you apart
  • Quality – helps raise ones awareness for efficiency 
  • Self-confidence and -assurance – helps you feel secure with the knowledge that you have  
  • Community – helps strengthen your affiliation with others in your career
  • Commitment – helps show your engagement and willingness to keep improving and learning
  • Security – helps you be prepared for having the proper information even in stressful situations