Certificate in Leadership




Catalyst helps you build the skills to be an effective leader.

 Inspire trust and respect

 Motivate others

 Build high-performing teams

 Make informed decisions

 Understand, empower and influence people

 Lead change

Catalyst provides you with the knowledge, tools and insights you need to strengthen or hone your leadership skill set. Effective leaders who can execute an organization's strategy and increase the performance of those around them are vital to business success. Those future leaders can be found at all levels of the organization. Smart businesses know that investing in and nurturing the next generation of leaders is critical to maintaining their competitive edge and sustaining long-term growth.

Catalyst is available as self-paced online training and 24/7 availability allows you to tailor your learning to your busy schedule.


PDU and PHR credits

Students who successfully complete the Catalyst Leadership Training Program are eligible for 42 PDU and PHR credits

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Available Training

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